May 28, 2014

Open House 5/31!

May 31   OPEN HOUSE 930am-12pm For those who are interested in what Corps Fitness is all about and what we’ve been doing since 2004! The morning will include demonstrations and question/answers with our motivated group of instructors and participants.  ((7 AM and 8:30 AM classes will be held at normal times 5/31))

Recruit a new CFer!!

  • Anyone new who comes out to learn more about CF and completes a waiver while there will receive a FREE week of membership.  If they go on to officially become a member of CF, they’ll receive 10% off their first membership purchase (punch card or unlimited).
  • Any current CFer who recruits a new CFer who becomes a member will receive 1/2 OFF a month of unlimited membership OR their next punchcard purchase.  Your recruit must name you on their completed waiver (limit 1 discount per current CFer, though of course you can always recruit more!)



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