April 15, 2011

No excuses…getupandmove

 Corps Fitness owner, Chris Kaag (back), takes Derek through a late afternoon workout.

Sunday 4/17: Krank/spin 10:30AM (if seats available)
Sunday 4/17: Sunday Special CF class 3-4PM
New Sunday Special added: May 8, 3-4pm, Chris E, CrossFit Instruction. Brush up on your CrossFit movements and exercises.

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    Jan April 15, 2011 Reply

    Love this shot! I always think I’m working hard on Tuesday nights, til I get near you guys on a station – then I feel like a wuss! Way to always push!

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    Mike Fitzgerald April 16, 2011 Reply

    Hey Chris – make sure you thank Matt for me. He got me out of weekend chores. After Friday morning’s grip strength/arm workout (Popeye would be proud), I can’t lift a pen, let alone a hammer! 🙂

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