July 26, 2016

No Cheating!

An intriguing letter from the recent CrossFit archives today (click HERE for link to article):

“…But some people cheat. They cheat because they’re lazy, they cheat because they want to win, they cheat because they lack moral character and don’t see the problem, they cheat because they’re embarrassed about their current fitness level, and so on. The reasons are endless—and they’re all bullshit.”
– M. Warkentin

Non-cheaters (AKA CFers) at work, 0530
Non-cheaters (AKA CFers) at work, 0530

We don’t really promote the use of scoreboards at Corps Fitness, which is definitely something that sets us apart from many pure CrossFit gyms.  Honestly, we have tried and posted them but members aren’t all that interested, which speaks to the unique culture Chris and our trainers have created.  Because at Corps Fitness, it’s not about YOU.  Congratulate your fellow CFer on a job well done, and hold him / her accountable for what’s not done with integrity.

Now, to be clear, SCALING is NOT cheating.  Scaling is perfectly acceptable and a great way to push yourself if you aren’t quite ready for Rx.  There’s NOTHING wrong with scaling!  There IS something wrong with cutting reps, cutting rounds, backing off on weight – basically any breach of integrity in order to outdo others or “win” the workout IS WRONG.  There is no winning.

I get it, we’re all competitive, but compete with integrity above all else.  I personally have finished a multitude of workouts “last” but guess what?  It’s because I pushed hard, challenged myself on weight, distance, box jump height, or whatever else it may be.  And I’m 100% ok with that.  In fact, like most CFers, I would RATHER finish last while challenging myself than finish first via easy street.  That’s the whole point!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: be a Type 1 Athlete!

Be A Type 1 Athlete


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