January 6, 2015

New Year, New Ideas

Do you stress over making it to CF for a 5:30 PM start time?  Fear not!  For the month of January, we’re trialing a 5:45 – 6:45 PM class time for the Thursday evening Basic/Intermediate class (Thursday evening Advanced class time will remain at 5:30 PM).  So don’t worry if you get hung up in traffic or get out of work a little late.  Don’t stress because you’re due to arrive at 5:35!  You CAN still make it on Thursdays for 5:45 PM.

We’ll try this out for Thursdays in January and determine feasibility based on attendance, so if you want it to stick, make use of it!
Additionally, we’ll be offering a Tuesday / Thursday NOON Spin / Krank class with John Pacharis, beginning Thursday 1/8/15.  This class will be offered on a temporary basis and will continue if attendance permits.  It’s cold outside, and not friendly for riding.  Why not join John and sweat a little during your lunch hour?!?


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