October 2, 2013

New Challenges! Test in Friday and Saturday.

You got a taste of it by “Carrying the Load” and now we’re on to a Corps Fitness October Challenge!  This is a personal challenge concentrating on 2 exercises:

1) Weightlifting: SNATCH
2) Gymnastics: TOES 2 BAR

Find out more and watch videos at this link to the challenge. Pay close attention to the points of performance and movement standard (form above intensity!!). Visualize YOUR body moving that way. Practice it.

Test in will occur on October 4 and 5 (at the end of a CF class). You may try your hand at one or both.

SNATCH TEST: Isabel (30 reps for time, M #95/#115/#135 – F #45, #55, #65)
***Your Test-in Weight will be your Test-out Weight. So you might take a very long time, or be totally unable to complete the task. Then by the end of October you should see improvement. Be serious about selecting load.***

TOES 2 BAR TEST: 2 minutes max reps
**KTEs are acceptable in the Test-in, noting how many reps are KTE. Then by the end of October you should perform more T2B in the 2 minutes.**


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