August 20, 2011

Never had a bad day.

Today was the last day of Honor Roll Heroes submitted by the India Battery Marines. Over 70 CFers turned out to honor the memory of Master Sgt. Fedder and help the Keystone Wounded Warriors.
*1st Sgt Buckles readies the group with his account of the selflessness and outstanding character of Master Sgt. Fedder.
*Kaag warms the group up.
*CFers do the rest! Organized chaos (at speed) is the way we like it!

Dollar-A-Round AMRAP yields $1329.25 for the Keystone Wounded Warriors.  Hero Week. Push through the fatigue. Honor the memory. Help a good cause! CFers, you are incredible!

Tomorrow, Hero Week ends with Pags on the Honor Roll. Let’s get some for Badge 27!

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    mfg August 20, 2011 Reply

    I am in complete awe of this day! I look back on the days–when I would hope BOTH DiCintio’s & Beth would show up, so we could have class. What an incredible morning, 10 freakin rows with squad leaders!!!! Ooh Rah! LOVE spending time with my CF family. You all gave everything you got & then some.

    What an amazing week it has been! Sure I am sore but I come in each day giving it all for the soldiers who put their lives in danger for my freedom. I am so grateful. Thanks to all the Marines who worked out with us this week. Hearing you share stories, makes the HeroWeek even more personal.

    I am gonna be leaning on all of you tomorrow to get through Pags WOD. Then all Get Some!!!!!!

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    Bob F August 20, 2011 Reply

    When I saw all of the people there my first thought was “How many 400s are we going to run?”. I was wrong. The chaos was controlled to perfection. Nice job everyone.

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