August 21, 2013

Muscles have layers, like onions…

Midline stabilization is essential for functional movement (  A stable midline allows all other muscle groups to work together while minimizing risk of injury.  Matt D touched on this in last week’s form post about abs, and it is worth repeating.

How many times during a typical day do you do a crunch-like or sit-up-like movement?  Maybe once or twice, if at all?  Now how many times do you twist, bend, squat, stand, push, pull, carry a load?  Probably more than you can remember!

Underneath the ‘vanity’ muscles in the body (think abs, calves, etc) there are layers of hidden muscles that are doing most of the work.  Work those and the rest will follow.

Layers of abdominal muscles.


  • Matt August 22, 2013 Reply

    Totally ogre-ish!
    Yep, yep…and then the eternal error of working those superficial muscles…imbalances…."I have a sore weak lower back." Why? b.c too many crunches on the front side!
    Work it all, and don’t sweat the abs…b/c really bet you ain’t never seen a donkey fly.

  • Jan August 22, 2013 Reply

    Just saw a commercial for "Hip Hop Abs" – only 4 payments of $19.95! (Amazon sells more <u>used</u> copies than new copies – that says it all…the jig is up.)

  • g
    Gretch August 23, 2013 Reply

    Nice catch on the ogre innuendo – I wasn’t sure if anyone would pick up on that! If your abs are sore, then you worked them. If they’re not sore, then you either are in crazy good shape or you didn’t work hard enough…
    JD – more used than new copies is a sure sign to be wary!

  • hoov August 24, 2013 Reply

    Thurs. dinner–power of 3

    Left, right then middle. 3 lanes of pain!!!

    Enter the dragon–not–The slayers were in house. No phoolish phreakin flying donkeys around either.
    Well maybe on the planet Nemic.

    • Jan August 24, 2013 Reply

      Workouts like Thursday night and like this morning come under a larger umbrella for me that I think of as ‘gobstopper’ workouts. Not only b/c the layers upon layers of heartrate and activity just keep coming like a candy gobstopper, but also b/c they will most definitely stop your gob!!! Whoosh!! Love. It. All. We are so lucky!

  • Matt August 24, 2013 Reply

    When the sh&t keeps on a-comin’ like Thurs/Fri 3 lanes of pain, wave after wave…and people keep steppin’ up and bein’ dragonslayers…it no lyin’ gives ya goosebumps!
    Dag, I nailed the Shrek allusion, but Planet Nemic…I haven’t watched Dragonball Z in ages!
    Take off the foil hat, yo, it’s blockin your reception!

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