April 1, 2011

Morning Noon & Night

OK, maybe not Noon, but Mid-Morning. Everyone gettin’ their INTENSITY fix!

Plus a special 28 B-day Burpees…attagirl!

Remember, Sunday Special 1030AM. Also, plenty of KIPPING¬†INSTRUCTION/PRACTICE if you need it…especially as it pertains to the APRIL INCENTIVE!!

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    wicasa yatipika April 1, 2011 Reply

    There is something erotically and neurotically pleasurable about doing B&T with 1-2 Punch that brings on intense and passionate drive within one’s True Being, maybe it’s a matter of accessing that distant Paleo connection…Or maybe I’m just a Whack-Job! Hah! But I do love it!

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    Scott April 1, 2011 Reply

    I’d like to do the B&T with a 1-2,000,000 punch on Punxsatawny Phil! That f’n groundhog screwed us again!

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