April 11, 2016

Monday WTF?

When you pry it from my cold, dead hands.  Ever have hands or feet that look like this?  You’re not alone!  Raynaud’s is different for each person experiencing it, but may result in loss of feeling / numbness, and then pain and tingling as blood flow returns to the affected area.  It is often more noticeable on cold or damp days like we’ve been having lately.  Here’s a little more information on Raynaud’s disease / Raynaud’s phenomenon:

“With Raynaud’s phenomenon, the body’s reaction to cold or stress is stronger than normal. It makes blood vessels narrow faster and tighter than normal. When this happens, it is called an “attack.”

During an attack, the fingers and toes can change colors. They may go from white to blue to red. They may also feel cold and numb from lack of blood flow. As the attack ends and blood flow returns, fingers or toes can throb and tingle. After the cold parts of the body warm up, normal blood flow returns in about 15 minutes.”

And finally, here’s a fun Buzzfeed pictographic article on Raynaud’s for your Monday entertainment.

20160403_114234 20160403_114241


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