March 18, 2013

Monday… Pumping Iron

What a wonderful past 4 days of old-school CF workouts!  Every class had a great turnout and seemed to enjoy pushing through the various challenges thrown your way!  Stay tuned to the blog for more special challenges and other fun incentives coming your way.

On another subject, did you know that athletes, male and female alike, are more likely than the average Joe to be iron deficient?  Iron helps oxygen bind to red blood cells and to reach all the body’s tissues.  If you’re feeling low on energy during your workout despite a healthy diet and sufficient rest and recovery time, it might be a good idea to check your iron levels.  Ask your doctor for a blood test to see where your levels are, and then supplement as necessary.

Most people think of red meat as a good food source, which is true, but there are several plant and other sources all around!

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Thanks again to Jan for this topic!


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