August 1, 2011

Monday “Did you know…” Your CrossFit IQ, V-I?

Hero Week is rapidly approaching, and as most of you know, the week of WODs draws from the CrossFit system of Hero Workouts. Pair that with the many new people attending Corps Fitness, this seems to be an appropriate time to review “What is CrossFit?”

So you may see CrossFit classes listed on the schedule and wonder, what’s that, what is CrossFit? Well it’s hard to define. The definition would include these variables…almost like a pyramid. The base, where it all rests is a clean diet…molecular/cellular functioning. Then add mobility and mastery of the movements. And when those are in place…then add Intensity.

High Intensity

Foundational Movements

Functional Mobility and Flexibility

Clean Diet

In other words…CrossFit is like lifting weights and doing bodyweight exercises all at the pace of a SPRINT. Constantly varied, functional movements, completed at high intensity. Further, the 2 elements which define CrossFit conditioning system are:

1) Virtuosity: CrossFit is the SPORT of FITNESS. The mantra is “the magic is in the movements.” There is a heavy emphasis on mobility exercises, flexibility, and mastery…complete mastery of the 9 Foundational Movements. The quest is excellence in execution, perfection in postural control…bio-mechanical beauty. CrossFitting requires a commitment to skills development and practice, practice, practice.
2) Intensity: Go fast, but don’t hurry. M x D/t. Move a weight, as far as you can, as fast as you can. So CrossFit WODs are designed to maximize performance and power output. WODs can last from 3-15 minutes, usually. Because this is where most day-to-day athletes can keep intensity highest. Or consider the typical rep shemes: 21-15-9, 10-1 countdown…”low” reps allow high sustained POWER! 80-90% of programmed WODs will be in this range. Of course, there are the Chippers, giant WODs lasting 20-35 minutes which are programmed infrequently as variety, extension of the lactate threshold, and/or mental challenges!

You may ask, Well, if most WODs only take, say, 3-15 minutes, if I go to a CrossFit gym, what do I do the rest of the time?
Answer: See #1 above. Before there is a “3-2-1…GO!” there must be Virtuosity.

To that end: Sunday Special, August 7, 10:15AM…Hero Week prep. Come practice, practice, practice. Practice stations available for beginners. WOD posted for Advanced.


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