June 18, 2012

Monday “Did you know…” Volumes

Certainly not.
Double Ah-ha!

The simple squat…speaks volumes. Here called the “Third World Squat” but really just a Squat…what then would we call the feeble-crumbled-bend that most non-3rd worlders do?

Oh well. Anyway, the best diagnostic move available. Diagnostic for what? Anything! Do as the article suggests and try to drop into the TWS. For those who struggle, pay attention to where the tightness binds you up:
1-Heels and achilles: tight, not allowing slack
2-Knees: injury, tight from quads, ITB
3- Hip Flexors: front of hip, oh the searing pain if you sit all day!
5-Lower Back too weak to hold you upright
6-Shoulders/Mid back
7-The entire posterior chain?!
8-Balance (pretty good with the flexibility, just need to work on the balance point)

Arguably, that one move (or lack thereof) will tell you everything you need to know about your fitness progress.

So what to do:
1) Practice, alot. Practice. Sit on the hill in front of the gym. Goblet squat for balance, hold a railing or door knob at home. Use an assist at first, then slowly work off it.
2) Do all the hip mobility drills. Then do them more.
3) Strengthen the lower back, undo the front side tightness.
4) Stop doing things that have created the problem.
5) Go for it and feel the difference.

PS. Congrats to Wicasa, DanOh, Marisa…winners of the Inspiration Incentive. Stay tuned for the July incentive.

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    Wicasa Yatapika June 18, 2012 Reply

    Maria, I have always been impressed with your ability to perform the squat perfectly…to me it is a perfect example of the flexibility of the human body!!! It’s like you are sitting on hour heels!! Awesome!!!

    I can vouch for the fact that knee surgery plays a role in the ability to perform this move effectively…my left side can go deeper than my right because of limited mobility because of the numerous rt knee surgeries I have had. But when I sit in that position I can feel the right side slowly stretching further…when I look back at old photos from the early days at Building 7 and compare them to current photos I can see the progress, which gives me hope!!!

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    Wicasa Yatapika June 18, 2012 Reply

    Sometimes I take for granted how much the training at CF benefits me in ways initially unseen. After riding 35 miles of some of the rockiest, technical single track you will find anywhere coupled with 6700 ft of climbing degraded fire roads and jeep trails and miles of insane breath-stealing hold on for your life rocky descents I can say I feel pretty f’in good, and if the carnage I witnessed in Rothrock State Forest yesterday is any indication, I can say fairly confidently that there are a host of other folks who cannot say the same thing.
    Strong core strength, good balance, maintaining focus and a positive attitude while enduring pain and suffering, nausea and dehydration and pushing on past it; are all a product of the training at Corps Fitness…Thanks all for inspiring me to push past preconceived limits!!

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    Maria N. June 18, 2012 Reply

    Why, thank you!!

    As an aside….I remember my mother cleaning a lot for the better part of my childhood. She was almost always in a full squat position when she was washing floors, baseboards, etc. Although I don’t really CLEAN much, maybe I got the gene!!! Thanks, MOM!

    Also, I’m pretty sure most of the people on the planet now were born from mothers in the TWS position….90% of the world’s population was NOT born in a hospital….translate to hut, dirt floor or field, taking advantage of hip opening and, of course, good ole GRAVITY!

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    Jan June 18, 2012 Reply

    Gravity isn’t just for delivering bebes! Whether you’re practicing or adept at getting your butt on your heels in a squat, let gravity do the work. Try not to lower yourself in a completely controlled fashion so that you’re engaging your quads – just drop. Don’t do work on the way down; do work on the way up. It’s a lot like when we drop into the bottom part of a push-up from a standing position when we do a burpee – the work isn’t in getting down there so much as it is in getting up. Same with monkey squats, rocket jumps, scissor lunges, locomotives. Not always easy to remember or do, but practice will help!

    Good on the squattin’ ladies!!

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      matt June 18, 2012 Reply

      Squatters rights
      Hmm is it all ladies showin’ the calf2hammie squat?
      Nay, a few days ago a warmup Monkey Squat pic had DanOh and Jax showing some mobility! Boyz!
      Would that be rest in the air or light as a feather…controlled falling?

      Maria: happy BIRTHday…

      DingDong…agree, the full body functional fitness at CF makes us not suck at life.

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