April 9, 2012

Monday “Did you know…?” Tautology

Fun take on the ethics of eating meat at Mark’s Daily Apple.
While there, always browse some primal dietary tips to help shed the extra fat pounds in order to increase performance at the gym.

(Local, organic chicken ready to feed a family for a week…after a sniff of approval)

Feeling like you fell off the wagon lately? Just too many calories or too much sugar? Well get back on the trail! It’s easy. Remember, just shed the fat. The fat on our body is simply useless stored sugar (energy). Tighten up the diet…Breakfast: Eggs/Spinach; Lunch: Beef Jerky/Fruit; Dinner: Chicken/Brussel Sprouts. Imagine, truly if you followed that for 4 weeks + all the hardcore physical work at the gym 3x a week…the fat would shed…no doubt. A great tool to enhance accountability is the Livestrong My Plate (ie, don’t eat it if you don’t want to log it).

All the work at the gym improves and becomes much more enjoyable and gratifying when we do it at our cruising weight. Cut up for Summer, for your health, and for your gym performance. 4 weeks! Go for it!

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    Wicasa Yatapika April 9, 2012 Reply

    I had a good laugh over the “Ethics of Eating Meat” at Mark’s Daily Apple…it’s interesting to note that we, humans, did not make the rules, we exist because of the rules of the game the Universe has encoded into the fabric of space-time…to debate an ethical question, as Mark explained, requires that you have a choice…guess what you don’t have a choice on this one… Proteins are the building blocks of life on planet earth, stop eating them and you will stop breathing, breathing requires muscle contractions, muscle contractions require proteins to power them…if it were not for proteins you would not be able to fight off diseases, repair damaged tissues, including muscle, your body could not transport nutrients, maintain water balance, and hormonal and enzyme balance would be unattainable…in other words…Life could not exist! Debating the ethics of eating meat is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500…Proteins do everything in living cells, ALL functions of living organisms are related to the structure/sequencing of their particular proteins!! Humans have 20 standard amino acids that form the peptide chains that are linked together to form polypeptides, proteins are then formed by one or several polypeptide chains. 20 amino acids may seem like a small number, but here is the catch, what that means is that 20^20 different combinations of peptide chains are possible…that’s 20 followed by 20 zeros and that is a very, very, very large number…and that is also why it has been extremely diffcult for science to identify all the psossible protein molecules. Because proteins fold in many different 3-D shapes, science has no reliable way to predict what 3-D structure will form from a simple sequence…and that kees things interesting…

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      James April 9, 2012 Reply

      I had a good laugh over one chicken feeding a family for a week! That’s one meal in our house.

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    Gretchen April 10, 2012 Reply

    in case you need more motivation to eat real food, just read this:

    Did you know artificial raspberry flavoring comes from a beaver’s anal glands??!?

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