March 26, 2012

Monday “Did you know…?” Oh-Oh Otzi the Iceman

A 5300 year old mummy found in 1991…
“Analysis of Ötzi’s intestinal contents showed two meals (the last one consumed about eight hours before his death), one of chamois meat, the other of red deer and herb bread. Both were eaten with grain as well as roots and fruits. The grain from both meals was a highly processed einkorn wheat bran,[14] quite possibly eaten in the form of bread. In the proximity of the body, and thus possibly originating from the Iceman’s provisions, chaff and grains of einkorn and barley, and seeds of flax and poppy were discovered, as well as kernels of sloes (small plumlike fruits of the blackthorn tree) and various seeds of berries growing in the wild.[15] Hair analysis was used to examine his diet from several months before.

Pollen in the first meal showed that it had been consumed in a mid-altitude conifer forest, and other pollens indicated the presence of wheat and legumes, which may have been domesticated crops.” (wikipedia)

SUNDAY APRIL 1: Phool Phest 2-5pm
3 Workouts…attend1, 2, or all 3!
New workout starts each hour.
The 3 o’clock hour (3-4pm)…please sign up on the whiteboard for a timeslot (limited equipment).

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    Scott March 26, 2012 Reply

    What, they didn’t find trace amounts of sweet potatoe brownies or other ridiculous “Paleo” recipes? Shocking!

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    Matt March 26, 2012 Reply

    They found “grains” …. shocking!

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