November 28, 2011

Monday “Did you know…?” Going no-meat is Rare…

and going Rare is better than Well Done. 
“The men who preferred their burgers well-done had double the cancer risk, while those who liked them medium (or rarer) had a negligible increase in risk — just 12 percent.” see CNN review here

PAHs created when charring meat are the same as in car exhaust and cigarette smoke.

Stay healthy, eat your veggies!

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    Sam scaffidi November 28, 2011 Reply

    I would like to hear from a vegetarian…why no meat? how long have you been vegetarian? what performance changes did you notice? what amount of protein do you take in?

    Personally, I can’t imagine going no-meat. But I’d love to hear about your experiences…anyone?

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      anthony g. November 28, 2011 Reply

      I have been a strict vegetarian for a few months. I started as a 30 day challenge to myself and i have never felt better. Almost two years ago I was introduced to the Paleo diet through Corps Fitness. I practiced this fairly closely and watched 25 lbs literally melt away in a matter of a few months. With no increase in exercise i was getting stronger and gaining more endurance than ever before. A major concern for me was the quality of the meat, which is a decent part of the diet. I tried my best to find wild caught fish and organic meat. So much of what we are used to eating is processed, factory farmed and genetically modified. I began to slowly phase out certain meats and increase beans. For me personally i have many reasons to no longer consume animal meat. Number one is health reasons. I feel better mentally, physically and soulfully. I’ve had medical conditions with my stomach most of my life and this is the first time I have been able to go days without medication. Another important reason that I do not consume meat is spiritual. Which I wont attempt to explain in this little box haha. As far as protein goes i eat tons of vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds. I also make fruit smoothies with SunWarrior plant based raw vegan protein, It contains amino acids and protein which you know are essential. I don’t wanna sound like a billboard for the stuff, but it works. ( I am a strict vegetarian but when grocery shopping I attempt to buy and cook vegan. (no animal products whatsoever.) Because vegans miss out on certain nutrients i also take about 3000mg of Spirulina a day. Its a fresh water algae, and one of the most nutritious plants on the earth. I guess for me the proof is in the research ive done and the way i feel. Oh and one big change I have noticed is my taste buds. I can taste so many more flavors, food is so much bolder.

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