January 23, 2012

Monday “Did you know…”? Goals, goals, goals…

“The greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears” is what G. Glasman said to Greg Amundson 6 years ago which spurred his interest in goal setting. Though not a new concept, as Sebastion Coe, years earlier said (pointing to his head), “The nine inches right here; set it straight and you can beat anybody in the world.”

The point still holds…you gotta have a head for this kind of stuff and you gotta have your head in the game when it’s on.

For your 2012 goals…have you thought it through? do you understand it? have you selected a realistic goal? considered a plan? does it excite you? can you hardly wait to get to the gym to practice? do you ask others for advice? do you watch videos? All this and more will determine success.

Then when it’s on…are you continually trying to win the mental battles…get some extra reps, go faster, fight the heavy legs and burning lungs? The body will always say no…the mind must overcome it. Are you practicing that? Or do you find you let the “burn” win and you step out, slow down? That’s the positive mental talk which is so important.

Amundson started the CrossFit Goal Setting Course and blog (bet you didn’t know that).

My favorite quote is from Dec. 16. Erin Cafaro (gold medal rower) said, ““It’s empowering to look at my opponent and say to myself, ‘I can out work you; I can out suffer you’ and know that it’s true.” Isn’t that exactly what CF gives us? The confidence to outlast? This is true even if we aren’t competing with others. To self-improve, to get better at anything…we have to say, I can suffer more than I did yesterday? I can outwork myself from 2 months ago. Without that we’ll stagnate and never make any gains. The answer is in the self-talk necessary to get through the rough spots. “Nothing gets to you.”

Notice: Cindy benchmark today/tomorrow. The goal is NOT just to go fast. Sure it’s called AMRAP. But set a goal that you would like to improve. Maybe you only get 8 rds b/c you do all your pullups no assist, C2B. Great…then over the summer we’d like to see that turn into 12 rds. This is an “individual” benchmark to see improvement. So you should be doing what is appropriate to your level (ring rows, bands, C2B pullups…or knee pushups, hand release pushups, etc). Go fast but do not hurry. Go get it!

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    Wicasa Yatapika January 23, 2012 Reply

    Progressions. There was a time when I was 235lbs and could not make it through a round of a CF class without stepping out multiple times, I wanted to get better, so I kept coming back. Then there was the first weight loss challenge and I dropped down to 214lbs. I started stepping out less, but I wanted to get better. I accepted that giving things up and taking new things on was a way to get better. I studied, I read, I changed, and I worked my ass off, but I still wanted to get better. The next weight loss challenge I dropped to 206lbs. I was getting through rounds of class without stepping out, but doing Hero WOD’s I was usually one of the last ones finished, I wanted to get better. I chose heavier weights, and accepted failures with those weights as a way to grow. I got stronger and faster. But I wanted to get better. Next weight loss challenge I dropped down to 188lbs. Now I could go harder and faster than I ever could, but I wanted to get better. I put three goals down on the board for this year and I am working on them. But I want to get better. Now we are into the next weight loss challenge and I want to get to 180lbs, because I want to be better and I realize and embrace change and suffering as a way to get there. Suffering in our society I believe is misunderstood, suffering is a path to the internal sacred, what is sacred for you? Sacred to me implies a willingness and knowingness about what it is that motivates me, what excites me and what challenges me to feel fully engaged in this life, this moment, this time. I may not ever be able to jump on a 32 inch box, I may never be able to do 25 straight pull-ups or even 20 double-unders, but I will continue to pick things to work on that build my confidence enough to want to tackle those challenges, because I want to get better.

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    Jan January 23, 2012 Reply

    Good timing. I cannot get out of my own head lately. And not in a good way. JJ, love your journey. True inspiration! “Suffering is a path…”

    What’s ideal about CF is that it’s truly a smorgasbord of athletic activities! If each person picked 1 thing to get better at, there’d be enough to go around for every person at every fitness level that none of us would end up with the same goal! Yet, we’d all understand what it takes for every other person to rise to the challenge to get there. I’m ready to cheer on some goal-setters!!

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