March 14, 2011

Monday “Did you know…?” Go Pale-o

Thinking of a dietary experiment for the Spring? Wondering how to make some gains at CF? Asking yourself why your “calorie is a calorie” approach to eating isn’t working?

Because it isn’t…so try something new. Go Paleo. Carbs trigger hormones differently than proteins and fats. These approaches may help balance that ratio…helping you transform your body…or as the cover of the book “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf says, “lose weight, get fit, reverse disease.” Who wouldn’t be interested?

 See His book “The Paleo Solution” is at the gym if you’d like to take it home for a day or two.

See also the “Primal Blueprint” approach here.

These are applications of the CrossFit recommendation: Eat lean meats, vegetables, nuts/seeds…some fruit…little starch…and no refined sugar.Feeling overwhelmed with all this “how to eat” info? Remember, you don’t have to change everything at once (and in many cases, you shouldn’t). Make one change and see how it sticks for 2 weeks (how do you feel, does it work in your life?). Then make another…etc, etc.

As always, on “Did You Know” days related to diet
1) consult a professional for professional advice and direction
2) we can’t outwork a shitty diet

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    scaffidi March 14, 2011 Reply

    No matter what you’re doing, 4HB, paleo, etc. remember this: EAT REAL FOOD. you will never get results eating sugary, processed food. If you want legumes, go 4HB, you want fruit (minimal amounts regardless), go paleo. Whatever you do, remember sugar and grains = fat mass gains 🙂

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    WIcasa Yatapika March 14, 2011 Reply

    I am a die-hard believer in changing things gradually over a period of time, I have been successful with this approach ever since we did the first weight-loss challenge at CF. What I have been able to do is maintain my weight after each successive weight loss phase(within a few pounds). So instead of trying to lose it all at once it has been through discrete weight loss periods followed by maintenance periods that I have been slowly incorporating things I have learned along the way. Especially about sugars!!! It’s interesting to note that cyclical intake of sugars may be a very effective method of helping to keep your body guessing. I have found that if I stay away from them for several weeks and strictly limit them I can burn fat more effectively for two-to-three weeks at a time, then incorporate the fruit back in for a week and repeat. It seems to work for me but I don’t have all the numbers yet, stay tuned. I also really liked the article called Primal Blueprint, they do a real nice job contrasting Paleo with their approach and they point out the differences, but more importantly the “whys”; makes sense to this simpleton anyway!

    One thing I know is this, the more you can keep your body guessing the lesser the chance it has of adapting to a regimen, and ergo, the results are better….just my two cents!

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    Eric S. March 15, 2011 Reply

    If you’re interested in going Paleo, this website below has some tasty “Paleo kits” for order (and it supports inner city kids). I’m addicted to the Paleo Crunch cereal (awesome with fresh fruit and almond milk) in the A.M. Also, in addition to “The Paleo Solution” book, consider the “paleo Diet for Athletes” book, which offers a slightly modified diet plan for peak athletic performance.

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