April 18, 2011

Monday “Did you know…” CrossFit at Corps Fitness

What is CrossFit:
CrossFit is an approach to fitness that focuses on functional movements done at high intensity, in a “routine” that constantly varies. In other words, CrossFit workouts combine bodyweight exercises and weightlifting all at the pace of a sprint. Emphasis is placed on Olympic Lifts, Gymnastics (pullups, pushups, situps, etc), and “Cardio” (run, row, etc).

What would the workouts be like:
CrossFit workouts (or WOD, “Workout of the Day”) come in several formats. It is the complex and constant variation of these that opens the door for gains in athleticism, fitness, and overall health. Typical WODs are completed for a number of reps or rounds, or completed for a certain time period (AMRAP, “as many rounds as possible”). Regardless of the format, intensity is the key! See for CrossFit WODs.

What can I expect of a CrossFit class at Corps Fitness?
First, and foremost, you can expect to bring the same attitude that has defined Corps Fitness for years: No excuses, Motivated People Only.
Second, you can expect many of the usual CF class elements (*except for any class noted as “Open CrossFit”): Warm Up, WOD, Group Activities, Skills Work, Stretching.
Last, you can expect to get out what you put in. The things you are good at…get even better at them. The things you can’t do well…work on them even harder. Push the limits and re-define your fitness!

So what’s the difference between a CrossFit class and a Corps Fitness class?
In general, a CrossFit WOD can be completed individually (at your house, a globo-gym, a park or at CF) and in a short period of time. A Corps Fitness class relies on group energy, community, and often, teamwork (a Corps Fitness class is a “group fitness” experience). Also, a Corps Fitness class would include greater diversity of exercises and athleticism throughout the hour class, whereas a CrossFit class would be more focused on a limited number of exercises (not always, but usually).

All in all, the focus on Functional Movements and Intensity are exactly the same!


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