May 20, 2013

Monday Did You Know?

Melissa from the Pags C2A Challenge gets the 32″ box!



CFers are setting records every day!  This week we hail several, including two young CFers: Jack Davis was part of the State Champion Wyomissing Tennis Team this weekend, and our other infamous Jack D helped Wyo place third at District 3-AA Track and Field Championships this weekend and will compete in the State track meet as part of the 4x800m relay team next week!  It’s been inspiring watching these two young men grow up and surpass so many milestones and challenges in their paths. Great job, gentlemen!

Also this weekend was the 10th annual Got the Nerve? Triathlon in Mt Gretna, PA.  The race drew over 800 participants from around the country and the world.  Thank you to all who helped and volunteered your time to make the race a success – it couldn’t be done without you!  Several CFers also participated in the race: Eric Schippers, Kevin Quinter, Pete Blanchet, Jordan Hottenstein, Larry and Sami Grybosky, and many more all came out and gave it their all on Saturday.  It was a great day all-around!

The mental toughness that CF instills in all of us lets us push harder than we thought possible.  Kudos to all of you for staying tough and digging deep, running one more lap or doing one more station when you thought there was nothing left in the tank.  These efforts carry over to many aspects of our everyday lives, whether it is carrying all of the groceries into the house in one trip (thank you, quick step), picking up our kids (thank you kettlebells) or dodging dodge balls (ok, bad example).  Keep up the good work!


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    BF May 20, 2013 Reply

    @Kevin Quinter, That was one badass workout you put together today!

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