October 25, 2016

Missing Mike Lawrence

Honoring Mike Lawrence today on what would have been his 58th birthday. Gone, but never forgotten! “Bring the salt” today for the Filthy 50 in Mike’s honor!

…I remember going to Mike’s house to celebrate his birthday very shortly after his diagnosis.  Nobody dared to say it out loud, but there was a feeling that it might be his last here on earth.  Mike, always the fighter, fought for several years before passing away.  During those years, he got to spend more time with his wife Laurie, see his kids and grandson grow older, and spent all the quality time he could with those he loved.  Please keep Mike and his family in your thoughts, especially today.  Love ya, Mike!!

“The Task Before Us is Never as Strong as the Force Within Us!!”
– Mike Lawrence

There are a lot of great pics and references in the following links!

Three Years Ago…

The Story Behind the Shirt


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