October 26, 2016

Mentally Strong

What does it mean to be mentally strong?  It all comes down to grit:

Take 6 minutes today to listen to this TED talk by Angela Duckworth about grit as a predictor of success.  Life is a marathon; focus on your future.  Kids with the most grit are significantly more likely to succeed, no matter where they come from or what their background is.  How do you become “gritty”?  Follow through on your commitments, know that the ability to learn is not fixed, persevere when you fail, have a growth mindset (praise the effort, not the child).  It can be done!

Here’s a great summary article from Dr. Travis Bradburry on mental toughness.  A few key points:

  • Fight when you are already defeated
  • Delay gratification
  • Move on from your mistakes and setbacks
  • Keep your emotions in check, don’t use them to make decisions
  • Make the tough calls
  • Trust your gut
  • Lead, even if no one else follows
  • Be kind, even when others are rude
  • Be accountable, even when it sucks

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