May 7, 2015

May Skills Work + WODs

Moms work out FREE this Sunday at 8 and 9:30 AM in celebration of Mothers’ Day!
We’re still accepting volunteers for the Got the Nerve triathlon next Saturday 5/16.  Even if you can stick around Thursday after PM class to help load the truck, it would be greatly appreciated!

Fitness Challenges – every Monday 6:30-7:30 PM:

CFers have 2 options on scheduled Monday night sessions:

1.  Those interested in learning, improving and refining your skills, step by step instruction will be modeled. You will also receive individual help perfecting your technique. Then, upon satisfactory practice of the skill(s), you will have a chance to do a mini-WOD putting into practice what you just worked on!

  • May 11th – DEADLIFTS
  • May 18th – CLEANS
  • May 25th – NO SESSIONS
  • June 1st – SQUATS

2. Those seasoned in CrossFit WODs and looking for additional WOD time, can come in during this hour and do the prescribed form and max skill.  You will then move onto the prescribed Benchmark WOD.

  • May 4th form and max: CLEAN/C&J     benchmark WOD: GRACE
  • May 11th form and max: FRONT SQUATS/THRUSTERS     benchmark WOD: FRAN
  • May 18th form and max: OVERHEAD SQUATS/SNATCHES   benchmark WOD: NANCY
  • May 25th NO SESSIONS
  • June 1st form and max: PULL-UPS/MUSCLE-UPS   benchmark WOD: CINDY

BOTH groups will do a brief warm up together….then individuals will divide based upon what they are there for.

-Anyone who attends the 5:30pm class (Unlimited or Punch card) on Monday, during the May Skills Sessions, may stay for the Open Gym Skill Session…you will not have to re-punch back in.
-Anyone coming into the May Skills Sessions Open Gym classes at 6:30pm and did not workout at the 5:30pm class will need to punch in.

*This is a test run to possibly keep this open gym time on the schedule….Good attendance will keep it on the schedule.*

Weekend Instructors:
Friday 5:30 PM – Gretchen
Sunday (Moms work out free for Mothers’ Day!!) 8 and 9:30 AM – Ed