May 6, 2016

Making Gains

Throwback to a couple previous blog posts: January 2011, Marathon runner vs sprinter – can you tell who’s in “better shape” (carried over the pic above), and July 2013: Say No to chronic cardio!

image credit: Runners World

Ryan Hall must have been reading.  After retiring from marathon running and packing 40 lbs of muscle on his previously sinewy 5′ 10″ frame (127 lbs – what?!?), he is still impressing even himself with his energy and run times.  Not too surprising, as he’s finally feeding those starved muscles!  You gotta have balance – balance in your workouts, balance in your food / energy intake, balance in your personal life.  It all ties together.

“I still weigh myself every morning, but I get bummed if I’m not putting on half a pound now, whereas in running it was the complete opposite,” Hall said. “I was always trying to knock off a pound here and there.”
-R Hall

“I feel like it’s giving life to my body instead of taking it away,” he said. “Now I can go run and not feel fatigued and feel good. But I’m also doing so much less running-wise than I ever have—like, 12 miles a week compared to 12 miles a day.”
– R Hall

Who knew one small board could cause so much misery?


What’s your take?  CF provides balance in an otherwise 1-sided world: we offer a little of everything.  Strength, cardio, high intensity intervals (all the rage right now… we’ve been doing it since 2004!), balance work, agility, endurance.  Oh, and the added perks of no judgement and an extended family!  Not too shabby!  As always, the only way to get into CF shape (or stay in CF shape, thank you Maria Nawa) is to do Corps Fitness!!


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