February 27, 2014

3/3 Hero Workout, March Boots and Utes and More

New FitU Instructor!

Steph photo

Hey all!  Most of you may have already read in your newsletters, but there’s a new gal in town and her name is Stephanie Milch!  Steph has joined the training team at Fit U and will be regularly teaching the 5:15AM class on Fridays as well as the weekend rotation of classes.  Congratulations, Steph!!


MONDAY 3/3 Hero WOD for Tom Kaag
On Monday March 3rd, join Chris in honoring his pop with a Hero Workout.  March 4th will be the second anniversary of the passing of Chris’ father, Tom Kaag, as a result of pancreatic cancer.  Tom, a second-generation Marine, was a huge motivator for Chris and was even the creator behind our name: Corps Fitness!  Again, the Hero workouts will be MARCH 3rd.  All classes will have the same workout throughout the day (5:30 AM, 9:30 AM, Noon, 5:30 PM).

Spin / Krank Sign-Ups
We’re going high-tech to help make your visit to CF run more smoothly.  Starting March 1st, the only way to sign up for a CF Spin/Krank classes will be using the online Mind Body Connect app (no more paper sign-ups at the desk).  Download the app today to make your visit that much easier.

Boots and Utes!
Surely you’ve noticed the many new faces at CF who are participants in the third class of the Kyle Pagerly Call to Action Challenge!  CF is proud to host these men and women and provide the motivation to get themselves into better shape during a three-month time period (and hopefully longer!).  Part of the C2A requirements include working out in gear (“Boots and Utes”) for one month of the challenge.  During the month of March, we welcome and encourage all CFers to get a taste of what our C2A participants experience by joining them in wearing non-typical workout gear to your workouts (think cargo pants, utility boots, etc)!  Give it a try for a just one class or for the entire month and gain even deeper appreciation for the sacrifices our local first responders make every day.


Weekend instructors:

  • FNL: Gretchen
  • Sunday 8 AM: Matt
  • Sunday 1 PM: Van



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