February 12, 2016

Ladies, this one is for you!

A few articles for the ladies this week!  Take what you want from all of this – just some food for thought!

The female guide to getting lean / Breaking Muscle:
“Ladies, listen very closely: you will not bulk up from resistance training. If you start getting bigger, it is most likely because you are also eating more. You may put on a little lean mass, but it should not cause you to outgrow your pants. In fact, if you clearly know what foods are acceptable, watching your nutrition, and doing resistance training, you should be getting smaller and leaner.”

A woman’s guide to IF / Breaking Muscle:
“For women, in particular, there are specific biological truths about fasting, and if you ignore them, they will keep you from reaching your body and fitness goals.”

Paleo for women (yes, there is such a thing…)


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