August 18, 2015


I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason…the “reason” may not be apparent at first, but eventually all the wrinkles are ironed out…Stepping into building 7 has been a powerful experience for me. Only a few short months ago, because of a knee injury that had me sidelined from running, did I haphazardly show up to “cross train”. And I’m hooked. As much as I love the workout, it’s the PEOPLE that make it a great place to be! My knee injury is the best thing that could’ve ever happened!! I am so grateful to be part of such an intoxicating group of crazies! As our leader, Kaag, you set an amazing example of true leadership for all of us. You call us out when we screw up and praise us when deserved. Your can of “whoop ass” is always full, aimed, and ready!! Love it!


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