March 20, 2017

Did you know… Where’s Chris?

Starting a regular post to update CFers on the adventures of Chris Kaag!  A sort of “Where’s Waldo” style post, updating everyone on the latest and greatest, and the inspiring persona who started CF out of the back of his truck in 2004.  Times have changed, locations have changed, and Corps Fitness has changed.  But one thing remains the same: Chris’s tireless dedication to the community and the betterment of those around him.  Now if only there were a way to clone the awesomeness…

Our fearless leader is up to many things these days!  But don’t worry; he’s still keeping a close watch on all things CF, making sure our ship runs smoothly while entrusting a wider circle of very capable people – our awesome program coordinator, trainers, front desk staff, facilities and cleaning crew – to shoulder more responsibilities.

This week, Chris will be teaching Monday PM and then Gretchen will take on Wednesday PM while Chris attends a meeting with a local church that is organizing a 5k to benefit IM ABLE.  Stay tuned for details!

Not one to slow down, Chris has also been meeting with the Reading Fightin’ Phils to organize several partnership events that will take place this spring / summer.  The first event is an in-game marathon / half marathon and 10k that will be held April 15th. (clink link or photo below for press release)  We hope to have a great representation of CFers out there!


So we’re all in very capable hands!  But if you notice or see anything that isn’t quite right, please let one of the trainers or email Melissa or Chris directly and in true CF fashion, we’ll “rectify that shit” or “tighten it up” ASAP!


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