August 12, 2012

Jynx: Fearless HW Finale

Well today ends our HW journey with the MWDs. Sacrifice, commitment, love, courage, faithfulness, fearlessness…stories worth remembering, characterstics of living worth emulating.

“As they chased a suspect, Deputy Pagerly and his K-9 partner Jynx, came upon an elevation in the terrain. The suspect, who was dressed in full camouflage and possessed multiple weapons, lay on the ridge. Jynx alerted to position of the suspect and ran up the hill forcing the suspect to abandon his cover. As he stood, the suspect pointed a rifle at Deputy Sherriff Pagerly. Gunfire started and Deputy Sherriff Pagerly was fatally wounded.

Jynx attempted to pull Deputy Sherriff Pagerly down the mountain to safety. Jynx also attempted to move another officer who was rendering assistance to Deputy Sherriff Pagerly out of harm’s way. If it would not have been for the brave actions of Jynx, many other officers would have lost their lives that day.” (AHA Hero Dog Award)


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