September 15, 2014

One done, one about to start

Thank you to all the CFers who helped out during yesterday’s IM ABLE Duathlon and 5k!!  You all really are what makes it happen!  Also, congratulations to all the CFers who came out for their first 5k, PR, first duathlon, first time racing with your family, or smoking a random unplanned 5k at 8:15 AM while wearing cargo shorts and hiking shoes.  Just another example of how CFers never back down from a challenge!!


10696327_850536631631054_8621224967900304421_n 10613078_850536514964399_7197240787830897582_n 10665728_850536494964401_2144202020352162925_n 11302_850536414964409_5633137972656003772_n 14977_850536338297750_91495745792793832_n IMG_6359

Results are linked from the IM ABLE page

Additionally, Tom Bell’s (Natalie’s husband) window to swim the English Channel opens tonight at 2:00 AM (9 PM EDT).  Stay tuned to Facebook or the web for updates!


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