January 29, 2016

It’s all about the macros

Fat, Protein, Carbs

Wonder why a fit trainer would intentionally gain 75 lbs only to lose it again alongside a client?  Check out this podcast for the answer.  A good listen (or you can watch) – lots of thought-inducing discussion points in this chat, assuming you can get past the six-pack obsession mid way through…

Great take-aways include:
Eat more veggies!  Eat them when you’re most hungry.  Most, if not all, of your carbs should come from veggies!  Get your kids hooked early, too!
Choose high-quality foods over processed.  This trainer gained all of his weight by eating a ‘typical’ diet including high quantities of highly processed foods.  They taste delicious (companies make sure of that) but leave you hungry within the hour.  Don’t do it!



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