September 30, 2016

Invert Sugar

What exactly is it, and where is it found?  More in the article below, unearthed and sent over by Hoov!

Because you asked: Invert Sugar

“Invert sugar is sucrose (a disaccharide of glucose and fructose) that has been broken into free glucose and free fructose. (Sound familiar? That’s what HFCS is too – free glucose and free fructose – only the beginning ingredients and processing are completely different.) Invert sugar is sweeter than table sugar (sucrose) because fructose is sweeter than both sucrose and glucose.

Invert sugar is found naturally in honey and maple syrup. In fact, invert sugar is often referred to as “artificial honey,” though it doesn’t have any of the wonderful little goodies that honey (or maple syrup, for that matter) contain.”

Personally, I plan to stick in general with more natural sources of sweetness like fruit, honey, maple syrup.  Doesn’t mean 100% avoidance, but I am more of an “everything in moderation” type.


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