November 1, 2015

In with November!

Wow, November already, and it hasn’t even snowed yet!

Remember the November Challenge: Pull-up negatives and positives – 1 second each per day (today is a 1-second negative and a 1-second positive, 2/2 tomorrow, and so on)


AND FINALLY, Weight Loss Challenge Participants!  The randomly selected team assignments are below.  Please measure and include your % body fat on the test in sheets (ask a trainer if you need help setting up).  Here’s a great article about % body fat and why it’s more important than the numbers on the scale.  More on that tomorrow… 

Team 1: Peter Purcell, Kristin Feightner, Jen Crocona, Matt Mayer

Team 2: Chris Kaag, Onaya Ortega, Sandra Sandoval, Christine Getrost

Team 3: Adam Owens, Stacea Boss-Archie, Jen Motze, Melissa Hazlett

Team 4: Tim McDonough, Gretchen Kaag, Aimee Hafer, Emily McDonough

Team 5: John Pontician, Amy Bressler, Jenn Quick, Rob Rauenzahn

Team 6: Zach Meredith, Michelle Gauby, Jeanna Hahn, Daphne Fleck

Team 7: Dante Santoni, Carol Meredith, Kristen Gerhard, Brad Bressler

Team 8: Robert Stichter, Sarah Tyrrell, Sandy Lugo, Jasmine Lockhart

Challenge runs November 1 – December 5.  Get to it!!