April 21, 2017

Ignore the Negativity!

Pay more attention to your own training and disregard the social media posts that make you feel bad or inadequate!  You never know what’s real or has been photo-shopped to oblivion.  Keep up the good work and compete against yourself, and if that’s getting YOU results, you’re doing it right!

You’re Killing It! Don’t Let Social Media Fool You! by Jeff Meland CSCS

“If you are getting results – whether that means losing 20 pounds, getting stronger, or improving your body composition – there will always be something online ready to deflate your self-esteem and diminish those results. The reality is if you are putting in the work and progressing towards the goals you have laid out, then you are well on your way, and truthfully outperforming much of society as it is.”
– J. Meland


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