June 30, 2014

HW Thank You!

Thank you to ALL CFers who made it out for one or all days of Hero Week!  Congratulations to those who finished all 8 days – what an accomplishment, and one that certainly should be recognized!

8 day finishers!
8 day finishers!

This week was truly motivating and special, and all CFers deserve credit for making it what it is: a week to honor others and to suffer alongside fellow CFers, to kick it up a notch and remember that we GET TO do this.  HW Summer 2014 was also incredible special because CFers got the chance to meet honorees and to be motivated by their story and camaraderie during the workout.  Thank you to John O’Brien for attending class on Friday, and for the extra level of motivation that your first-hand story and work ethic provided!

Totals for the week (not including warm-ups):

12+ Miles of running / QS / Sams drag / etc.
244 Box jumps
212 KB swings
172 Burpees
170 Deadlifts
159 Pull ups
138 Cleans
129 Double unders
110 Sots press
+95 or fewer of various other exercises.



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    hoov June 30, 2014 Reply

    Great effort by all CF’ers. Thanks to Chris and all the other instructors who made each workout and Hero Week something special. Once again there many opportunities to do something different, to reach new milestones, ones that were not thought possible. (all the phreakin running– yikes) I also experienced a few new workouts that I wont soon forget either. Sams Drag
    Right Melissa LOL

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    Melissa June 30, 2014 Reply

    Oh boy Hoov! Sam’s drag….a toughie but a goodie!!! Thanks for dragging my @$$!!

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    Gretchen Kaag June 30, 2014 Reply

    It was truly inspiring to see so many CFers stepping up to the challenge during this week. A higher box for box jumps, grabbing the weight vest, sticking together and most important of all: motivating and pushing each other to do something special. Truly awesome!
    Hoov: note to self – next time wear sleeves for the Sams drag. Hah!

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