June 26, 2015

HW Finale – Timeline

PAGS 27 Magnet 5 x 5 low res

Honoring our very own fallen CFer, Kyle Pagerly, tomorrow:

Smokehouse dedication / Bio reading 9 AM
Class begins immediately after dedication
Spin / krank class also at 9 AM
Class ends around 10 AM
Dundore / Heister will be on site with delicious, fresh, local, clean food as well as their new bad-ass grill!  Plan to hang around for at least an hour or two socializing, having some food and beers!
Bring cash!  Food will be available to anyone in attendance – no set prices, but donations requested.  All $$ raised will be donated directly to the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund in order to keep programs like CF’s Badge 27 running, providing affordable fitness opportunities to our local first responders.