August 12, 2012

HW Finale: Jynx…Fearless, Faithful, Forever

The great thing about HW…when you get low, you can drag yourself in front of the board and realize there’s always more to give.

That’s a wrap folks! 7 big days…ending with some time on the bar. Terrific week! Thanks to everyone who came out honor the fallen and test their limits!

“Fearless, Faithful, Forever”

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    hoov August 12, 2012 Reply

    To all the summer 2012 Hero week phreaks. Yes you the 1% who gave it your all during the MWD tribute. Thanks for your support, your comradery, your pick me up when I was down to keep me moving. Thanks to Chris and Matt for all the work they did. You guys rock!!
    For me-quote of the week “Welcome to day four, yeah you know what I am talking about- the look that’s on everyone’s face” ha lol
    oh for the firstlight group, great hanging with you guys, thanks!!!

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    Melissa August 12, 2012 Reply

    Hoov…it was great getting to know you this week…. Come back and see us in the early AM anytime!!! Great job this week!

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