June 29, 2014

HW Day 8: Pags Badge 27

Kyle Pagerly – June 29th is the 3rd anniversary for Kyle being taken from us too soon. Despite the loss of a great CF’er, Sheriff K9, firefighter and man, Kyle’s legacy lives on and has accomplished so much in his name since his passing. That is a true testament to the impact he made on those around him. Kyle was passionate about helping young people and ensuring all who wear the uniform are ready for the challenges they face.As a result, the Badge 27 Explorer program lets young men & women experience different areas of law enforcement so they can be informed about making a decision for a career in law enforcement. With the help of his wife Alecia, we now have the “Pags Call to Action” 3 month challenge that honors Kyle’s legacy by getting all Berks County Law enforcement & 1st responders into better physical and mental shape to handle the challenges of their profession. These are just two in a long list of accomplishments in Kyle’s name. We are proud to continue Kyle’s legacy in all that he represents and ensure he is never forgotten.

Huge finale for Summer Hero Week 2014. Check out the photos from an inspiring week 


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    Gretchen Kaag June 30, 2014 Reply

    Kyle was a true hero and a true CFer! He’ll always be remembered by his incredible work ethic and CF spirit, leaving no one behind. He would join anyone for anything: be it a 400, burpees, pull-ups or box jumps. If anyone was still working, Pags was working with them and motivating them through the finish. He could run circles around pretty much anybody but was so humble that you’d never know it until he smoked you, and even then he’d be the first one congratulating you at the finish line. Fallen, but NEVER forgotten!

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