June 24, 2014

HW Day 3: Tom Lee

Tom Lee

SSG Tom Lee – On May 22, 2007 during routine route security operations, my (2) Stryker vehicle section came under small arms fire. While attempting to isolate the origin of the small arms fire my vehicle was hit by a buried, command-wire IED consisting of (EOD – estimated) 4-5 155MM artillery rounds, mortars and propane tanks. After a very brief blackout, I woke to a smoke and dust filled Stryker hull; the blast had come in from the radio array on the right side and blew a significant hole in that section of the vehicle. After shaking out the cobwebs, I began to assess the situation and immediately realized my right leg was mangled; I could see my fibula near my knee (my fibula and foot were gone). I called out to my squad to report my condition and attempt to get their status while grabbing one of the three tourniquets I carried in my kit, (1-rapid and 2-rachet straps) and began to apply the tourniquet. I feel this is one of the reasons I was able to cope with the fact that I was an amputee so quickly during my recovery – I knew my leg was gone immediately. I did not wake up in a hospital missing my leg; I actually tended to it first hand. I think it would be more difficult to simply wake up to such a sight.  That blast took my leg and sure that is terrible, but that incident took the lives of men in my charge; one man – a father, husband, son and brother; the other – a young man of 18 years who had his whole life ahead of him. To honor my brothers, that is my true and constant inspiration.


  • 5 rounds
  • 22 KB front swings
  • 22 box jump overs
  • 400 m run (round 2 & 4- weighted)
  • 22 burpees
  • 22 sots press (11 each arm)



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