How’s it going?

…pun intended?

Actual bathroom signs spotted in a Lancaster microbrewery. How fitting!


How are you doing with the February water challenge?  Have you increased your intake?  It’s early, but take note of how you feel, the quantity of non-water fluids you are taking in, how your skin looks and feels, and of course, how often you’re “going”.  No need to report the stats, but make mental notes so you can compare at the end of the month.

Remember, today is our first Water Selfie Wednesday: Every Wednesday for the month of February post a  “Water Selfie Wednesday”on either Facebook or Instagram and tag Corps Fitness for a chance to win ONE FREE WEEK of classes! For more info: CLICK HERE

Did you know? Water can be toxic!!  
**Please listen to your body and use common sense when choosing your water intake.  A gallon may or may not work for you.  The goal of this challenge is to raise self awareness about your own hydration levels and what’s healthy for you.**
**Make sure you’re getting a balance of electrolytes through your diet and fluid intake as well, especially when you’re flushing them out via sweating during a strenuous workout.**

Something tells me these guys need to replenish their fluids:

IMG_1787-L IMG_1825-L IMG_1879-L IMG_1944-L IMG_1982-L IMG_2022-L



  • hoov February 4, 2015 Reply

    Ha Ha Ha
    Fight gone bad 5 rounds of 5
    Bad arss workout though

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