January 23, 2015

How Fit Are You Really

What does it really mean to be fit?  Yes, you probably come in 2, 3, 4 or more times a week and get an all around workout.  But do you gravitate towards your “favorite” class styles (like more lifting / more cardio)?  If so, you may only be hurting yourself.  The challenge this weekend will be an excellent blend of strength and cardio and strength with a high heart rate, so it’ll be a great chance to assess your overall fitness.  Strong, fast, lean, powerful, flexible – all are compliments to each other!  Maybe you’re super fast but flexible as a board, or you’re strong as an ox but can’t run for anything.  CFers as a whole excel in all these fields, but there’s always room for improvement.  The best part is not knowing what you’re in for when you walk in the door, so it’s really tough to pick and choose your favorites.  You get what you get, keep your body guessing, and wind up better off overall in the long run!

Marks Daily Apple offers several additional ways to assess your overall fitness.  Read more about it here!  What are your thoughts?  Hmm, one of these could be a great weekend off the wall challenge…  We’ll see 🙂


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