June 16, 2016

Hero Week Summer 2016 – HW Prep

Come experience 7 tough Hero WODs with an extraordinary group of people this Hero Week (June 19-June 25)!

This post provides a few pointers for Hero Week, to protect the integrity of the week and protect you and those around you from injury.  These pointers aren’t intended to scare anyone away from doing HW, just items that we all should be aware of.  The pace is fast and the WODs are tough:

  1. First and foremost, DON’T GET RHABDO.  Stay hydrated, scale accordingly, recover as needed.  Yes, for many the goal is to do every day, but if your body is telling you differently it’s best to listen.
  2. HW is not the best time to start CF or to come in after a long absence – for the same reasons as above.  Scale and take time off as needed.  Don’t feel pressured to do every WOD because Susie is doing them all… maybe she’s been in more regularly and conditioned her body for the rigors of this week.  If your body says No, listen!  It’s also not a great week to try ‘active recovery’ at CF (not that that’s ever an option).  If you need some less-intense movement to work some soreness out, take a walk, go for a swim, take a day off from CF.
  3. HW is not instructional; you are expected to know the movements and have an idea of the weights you use for different movements.  Some Olympic lifts may show up in CrossFit WODs. Know your form and your weights to help the class move quickly.  Show up earlier than normal to get the format.  No excuses.
  4. Before each WOD, the bio of the honoree will be read aloud. That’s the most important 5 minutes of each class. You can also visit the blog each morning to read about the Hero. The workout is for him / her.  Please respect that.
  5. In large classes, you will share equipment or make modifications.  You might take turns, start at different times, or use DBs instead of a bar for push press for example, improvise – adapt – overcome.
  6. HW (and CF in general) is a No Headphone Zone.  Respect the fact that you are part of something bigger than yourself.  Be part of the group energy.  Second, the classes can be quite large, and for safety reasons, keep the earbuds at home.
  7. HW means something different to everyone. Whether this is your first HW or you’re one of the CFers who have participated in every HW past, please recognize and honor the Integrity and Intensity this week deserves. Follow the example of those who have come before you, and thank them for making HW what it is. Then, make your own meaning and carry on the tradition!
  8. If you are attending only 1 or 2 just to “get your workout” please be considerate and mindful of the dedicated folks who are suffering through all 7 workouts for the Heroes.  It’s not a competition, it’s about working together to honor the heroes.  Respect that.
  9. Get motivated!  Bring the intensity to every workout!  Review the Hero Weeks Past page for some motivation!

Do something special.  Because you’re here.  These heroes sacrificed committing to something bigger. We honor them by doing the same.

“Check your ego at the door, drink water, rest, SCALE to your own ability.
You’ve evolved with a brain, use it! Rhabdo is no one’s fault but your own, take heed, don’t be stupid, you only have two kidneys but you can live with one, survival is NOT mandatory, so choose wisely…”


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