January 4, 2016

Hero Week Recap

Thank you to Melissa for putting together this amazing week and recap video!!



Hero Week started in the Winter of 2007 as a way of honoring a few young men and women who hadn’t made it back from fighting overseas. Over the years, each installment of HW has always paid tribute to soldiers and first responders who either lost their lives fighting for our freedom, or have had their lives severely changed because of doing so. This year we honored children who have learned to improvise and adapt to face the challenges they have either physically and/or medically.

However, no matter what the theme or who the honorees are, two ideals always resonate within Hero Week: Live your life for EVERY day, because you do not know what tomorrow will bring; and, appreciate all your abilities and capabilities because you CAN. We do Hero Week twice a year, but in truth, your every day should be like Hero Week. The values behind it are every day values, not just twice a year values.

Corps Fitness has long held a tradition of being more than just a fitness facility. There is always a bigger picture….always an awareness of all the people around us. We appreciate all that we “get to” do because….We Are Corps Fitness.