December 25, 2014

Hero Week Prep

This Hero Week, remember to do something special.  We’re honoring WWII heroes each day, December 26 – Jan 1.  Come on out for as many days as you can make it.  Check the CF Hero Week site for schedule updates and honor roll.

A few notes:
Listen to your body!  Don’t get rhabdo!  Scaling is available for everyone.  You’re not a wimp if you’re scaling the workouts.  Everyone pushes to their own limits.  Look out for your neighbor but don’t compare yourself to what your neighbor is doing.

We honor those who served and often paid the ultimate price during their time of service.  Each workout promises to bring the Corps Fitness spirit along with a tough, intense workout.  Looking ahead, each day may seem impossible but looking back you’ll be surprised at how far you pushed and what you completed in honor of the heroes of WWII.

See you there!!


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