June 20, 2014

Hero Week: Incentives!

The 8 days of Hero Week begin on Sunday 6/22.  Are you pumped??  We’ll have a couple special guests throughout the week, and Honoree Bios will be posted to the blog (and read at the beginning of each workout).  Every day will be different, and this promises to be a great week honoring Heroes Among Us!

Please, please, PLEASE read everything from this link before you come to HW.  There’s a TON of great information, and way too much to duplicate here.  Check it out and be ready.

And, it bears repeating: DON’T GET RHABDO.  Stay hydrated, scale accordingly, recover as needed.  Yes, for many the goal is to do every day, but if your body is telling you differently it’s best to listen.


Hero Week Incentives!!

Anyone who completes all 8 days of HW will be entered in a drawing for a FREE month of CF membership.

Anyone who completes 4-7 days of HW will be entered in a separate drawing for a FREE month of CF membership.

(1 entry per person)

  • Craig June 20, 2014 Reply

    Good luck and enjoy everyone!!! Wish I wasn’t stuck in Fort Bliss for Hero Week…

  • Karen June 20, 2014 Reply

    Owens’ are pumped.

  • Mike heller June 20, 2014 Reply

    Guess who’s making a special appearance on sunday? ???

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