August 21, 2011

Hero Week In Review

There are some terrific Hero Week photos by Eric Kaag at the CF SmugMug Gallery.

Pags Honor Roll Day: CF Hero Week 2011

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    Melssa August 21, 2011 Reply

    Just wanted to say “thank you” to Chris and Matt for an extraordinary event this week. As was said by many, this was the best hero week ever, and I greatly appreciate the efforts of our leaders to put it all together so doggone well! THANK YOU!

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    Captain Awesome August 21, 2011 Reply

    So sorry I missed this week. Especially the Badge 27 workout.

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    Wicasa Yatapika August 22, 2011 Reply

    I didn’t do all the workouts, but the four that I did attend were well represented and everyone put forth great effort, and with the comraderie and singularness-of-purpose that have evolved Hero Week into the “Event” it has become it was nothing less than moving. From its very humble beginnings in the winter of “09” Hero Week has fast become a “must do” event in the minds of those who grasp and understand its underlying purpose. Kudos to Matt for organizing and planting the seed that has grown and matured into a “Tree-of-Life” all it’s own. Kudos too to Kaag for giving us the concept of “we” rather than “I” and the place where we can come together as one and perform these feats of extradordinary effort that are always, at least to me, somewhat Spiritual in nature. I am always left with the thought that people can do more than they realize when surrounded by those of like-minded purpose. It is an exceptional “thing” in these troubled times to know that a sense of community and a Spirit of togetherness is still present in ordinary people doing extraordinary things by coming together and working as one and giving of themselves to the community and to each other!

    Mitaukye O’yasin,


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    Gretch August 22, 2011 Reply

    This week was inspiring, motivating, and emotional and I am so proud to be a part of this group! Special thanks to Chris and Matt D for all their hard work and motivation, and to the Marines for taking the time to share their stories of loss and inspiration with all of us civilians. Their presence made the workouts that much easier to get through day after day, knowing that they were there representing their lost friends like we were on Sunday. Also a special thank you to Alecia for making it out on Sunday to help us honor Pags, and to bring his spirit back to CF with her. Through the fatigue and pain, and through your recovery this week, remember that you are here; they’re not. And there’s no better group to suffer with than this one!


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