January 1, 2013

Hero Week Day 7: Train like a machine!

The tagline to Noah Galloway’s website says it all, “Train like a machine.”

And you gotta believe that he means it.

“On December 19, 2005 Noah Galloway and his fellow Army infantrymen completed a standard check for weapons and other irregularities in a nearby village, in Yusufiyah, Iraq, before returning to the abandoned potato warehouse they called home. Galloway went to sleep. A lieutenant soon jostled him awake. He climbed in a vehicle and drove off to pick up some platoon-mates still out performing searches.
“Then,” Galloway says, “I got blown up.”
The explosion had come from a trip-wire-operated homemade explosive device.

He was unconscious for several days before waking up on Christmas morning 2005, where his mother had to explain to her 24-year-old, fitness-obsessed son that two of his limbs had been ripped off by an IED explosion, which he could not remember.” (

Since his injury, Noah has participated in two warrior Dash events and a Barbarian Challenge. As a member of TEAM X-T.R.E.M.E Noah has completed three Tough Mudder competitions and the Bataan Memorial Death March. Noah has many more events planned for the remainder of 2012 including a climb with The Heroes Project to Carastensz Pyramid (one of the seven summits of the world). (

The Barbarian
Run 800, 20 PU, 40 Burpee, 60 Lsit, 80 Swing, 100 Air Squat
Run 600, 15 PU, 30 Burpee, 45 Lsit, 60 Swing, 75 Air Squat
Run 400, 10 PU, 20 Burpee, 30 Lsit, 40 Swing, 50 Air Squat
Run 200, 5 PU, 10 Burpee, 15 Lsit, 20 Swing, 25 Air Squat

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    Natalie January 1, 2013 Reply

    Wish I could be there with you so we all could add 45 burpees to the end of Barbarian!!
    Congrats to all on Hero Week!

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