January 1, 2017

Hero Week Day 7 – Lieutenant Bill Fearon and Others Who Have Succumbed to 9/11 Related Illness


“New Jersey State Police Lt. Bill Fearon died Thursday December 29th from a malignant brain tumor attributed to his service during the Sept. 11 World Trade Center attacks.”

Hundreds of mourners gathered on Saturday, December 31st, to remember the 22-year veteran of the force, who worked throughout his illness.

“Fearon had been diagnosed in 2015 with the tumor, which has been linked to his response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.”  After his diagnosis, he often dressed as Batman and shared his “no fear” motto while visiting local children’s hospitals, sharing his story to encourage kids to stay positive during their own cancer battles.

“Every day I put my feet on the ground and I look forward to winning,” Fearon said, according to the State Police post. “This is the mindset that I have, it’s about living without fear.”

Fearon is survived by his wife Janice, and their three children, Ryan, Elyse and Jessie.


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