December 30, 2016

Hero Week Day 5 – Patrick Dunn and Military 9/11 Heroes


Athletic Center card

This card was used by Commander Dunn to access the Pentagon athletic center. Physical fitness is very important to a fighting force.  Visits to the gym also provide stress relief and an opportunity to interact with friends and colleagues.


A caisson carries the casket of Commander Patrick Dunn during funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, September 27, 2001.  


Navy Commander Patrick Dunn, 39, of Springfield, MD, was killed on September 11th, 2001 when a hijacked Boeing 757 airliner smashed into the Navy Command Center where he worked as a planner and strategist.  

“The morning of September 11th, he kissed Stephanie, 31, who was two months pregnant with their first child, before leaving for work at the Pentagon. Then, for the first time, he kissed her stomach, too.

He telephoned later to tell of the terrorist attacks in New York City. After the Pentagon was hit, when he didn’t call back, something told her quickly, starkly, and clearly that he was gone.

Pat, the son of a Newark policeman, came from a Navy family. His father served in World War II and the Korean War; Pat and one of his brothers were Naval Academy graduates. He had just come off several long deployments when they met at a sports bar in Alexandria, she remembered, four years ago last week.” (pentagonmemorial.org)

Dunn’s widow welcomed daughter Alexandria Patricia Dunn on March 17, 2002.  She had red hair just like her father and was just perfect.  Stephanie has worked hard to ensure her story is shared: for her daughter, for her husband, for his beloved Navy and for all those who suffered at the Pentagon when the hijacked airliner slammed into the building September 11.  

Let’s get some today in honor of Patrick Dunn!


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