December 29, 2016

Hero Week Day 4 – Bretagne and 9/11 Search and Rescue Dogs

Hero’s Story: Bretagne

Bretagne   Bretagne_2
Bretagne and her handler, Denise Corliss, were deployed at Ground Zero by Texas Task Force 1. Bretagne was part of the Texas search-and-rescue contingent and one of about 300 dogs to comb the wreckage in the harrowing aftermath of the attacks that killed 2,750 people in New York City alone.”

She was euthanized in June 2016 at the age of 16, believed to be the last living search and rescue dog who participated in the effort after the September 11th attacks in the US.  

“Corliss recalled to NBC’s Tom Brokaw a few years ago how searchers and rescuers “would come by to pet her and thank her,” adding, “And so it became the unexpected role of therapy dog.”

Bretagne (pronounced Brittany) also responded to disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. After her retirement at age 10, Bretagne aided other search dogs in training and volunteered at a reading program at a local elementary school.”

Click this link to learn more about Bretagne and see more photos of her in action and during her retirement years!


Hero Workout Story:
DT – Timothy Davis


Matt Mensch said he and Timothy P. Davis were paired up in training in the Air Force. It was hard on him, Mensch said, because Davis was so good at everything. And while at first he thought Davis was something of a blowhard, he learned to respect his fellow airman.

“There’s a difference between being cocky and being competent,” Mensch said. “Whatever he did, he did it right.”

Davis, 28, of Aberdeen, Wash., died Feb. 20, 2009 near Bagram when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. He was a 1999 high school graduate, having excelled as a wrestler in his home town.  

“He was, mentally, the strongest person I have ever known,” said Jesse Huggins, Davis’ best friend since Little League. “There are things that in life are so difficult, no one else is willing to volunteer for. He would.”

One of those things was the 800 meter race in track, which is notorious for being tough and was Davis’ preferred event. Huggins recalled seeing Davis throw up after many races, because he had pushed himself so hard.

Davis, who had previously earned a Purple Heart, is survived by his wife, Meagan, and son Timmy Jr, who was just 1 at the time of his father’s death. (militarytimes.com)


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