December 28, 2015

Hero Week Day 3 – Honoring Children with Cerebral Palsy


Hero Week Day 3. Adam Owens spoke at 0530 class and Karen Owens at 0930 class on behalf of 2 of their children, Angela and Siah, both who have Cerebral Palsy. Their words were this:

Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability of childhood. There are approximately 17 million people affected world wide. CP, for short, is simply an injury to the brain often occurring at birth. There are several types of CP and levels of severity. For some kids only parts of the body are impacted and for other it’s their entire body. Two of our children, Angela age 7 and Siah age 10 are diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic CP, meaning that all four limbs are severely affected.

For our kids, CP means that they will never walk, never talk and both have a long list of other conditions caused by their brain injuries.

As parents of kids with this diagnosis, we want the world to know this: children with CP are just that — children. What people don’t see and understand is that they have all the desires of any kids their age. They want to play, to joke and be loved and accepted. They so desperately want to be active and move and experience the same thrills able bodied people experience. They work hard for even the simplest of movement. Their everyday lives reflect that which only few of us truly learn to achieve — a desire to overcome, a willingness to push harder, and a unique ability to find joy in all circumstances.

The 0930 heard from Angela as well who was in attendance. Watch the video clip on facebook to hear what she had to say!

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